New ForWind member

At the last meeting of the ForWind board, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johanna Myrzik from the University of Bremen was welcomed as a new member of ForWind. In 2018, Myrzik took over the chair of automation technology (in energy supply) and the management of the Institute for Automation Technology at the University of Bremen, Department 1 Physics/Electrical Engineering, as a university professor. The institute develops new, intelligent technologies, methods, algorithms, and services that enable intelligent, adaptive, and reliable interaction between generation, storage, grid management, and demand across all voltage levels. Interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research in energy networks is the hallmark of the Automation Technology Professorship, with a focus on automation of future energy networks. With her research, Myrzik complements the broad spectrum of engineering and physical research in wind energy within ForWind.

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