Doctorate and research

Interdisciplinary, international, always in a team – right from the start

At ForWind, research takes place at 30 institutes and three universities. Our research partners are the major national research institutions, international universities and numerous industrial partners who enable us to test and validate research and knowledge in practice.

In the ForWind team, everyone gets a direct insight into the diverse fields of wind energy research. Whether as a student assistant or researcher at PostDoc level: ForWind offers the ideal environment to make your own contribution to the success story of wind energy.

Wind and wind energy as a topic of study and research

You want to gain knowledge in your studies but still stay connected to practice?

With us, you can actively work on projects and contribute your own ideas. Contact with our partners from industry and research is as much a part of the job as participation in conferences, symposia and project meetings.

For your projects you use the ForWind infrastructure: our laboratories, computing power and test benches. You’ll be close to our research topics from the start. The cooperation between university and industry partners provides you with insights and perspectives for your further career path.

And you can always enjoy the good feeling of working on one of the important future issues of our time.

From the first semester on, we offer students the opportunity to actively engage with all aspects of wind energy in theory and practice. In terms of time and content, studying and working at ForWind can be optimally coordinated. Your first contact persons at the institutes are the scientific staff, whom you will meet in the courses. Talk to them about whether it’s possible to collaborate during your studies.

Theses (Bachelor/Master)

You have a topic for a bachelor or master thesis that fits well to ForWind? We are always looking for new ideas and approaches and would be delighted if you would like to make your start in scientific work in wind energy research with us. Intensive supervision and regular exchange with colleagues and other students are just as much a part of our program as cooperation with international partners in research and industry. Regardless of whether the path leads to science or industry: A thesis on a wind energy research topic gives you the opportunity to make your contribution to one of the major issues of the future.


You have found your research topic and want to delve deeper into the subject matter within the framework of a doctorate? ForWind offers a perfect environment for starting a scientific career with its diverse research focus and research facilities. During the PhD at ForWind there is close contact to national and international partners in research and industry. Personal, academic, and teaching skills are enhanced through individual coaching and selected teaching assignments. In addition, you can present your scientific results at international meetings and conferences and thus build up your own network.

Scientific collaboration (PostDoc)

ForWind also offers an exciting working and research environment after the doctorate. In a series of practice-oriented projects, questions concerning wind energy can be deepened, validated and applied. In our laboratories, test centers and research facilities, scientific work is coordinated and the foundations for our successful projects are laid. The supervision of doctoral students and final theses and the collaboration in the development and application of new projects are also part of the profile of the scientific staff at ForWind.