Center for Wind Energy Research of the Universities of Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen



How do rotor blades deform in wind gusts?

In the research project TurbuMetric, scientists from ForWind, the Jade University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer are investigating how wind turbines deform during turbulent inflow conditions. The aim of the project is to develop measurement methods that show the deformation of the rotor blades while simultaneously measuring the wind field. This knowledge will help to improve strategies for reducing loads and extending the service life of the rotor blades or to design new blades that operate well even in turbulent flows.


Catch the wind

Testing new methods that increase the energy yield of wind turbines while protecting the turbine components is the goal of a joint project of ForWind and the wind farm operator Ocean Breeze Energy. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy is funding the recently launched project YawDyn ("Validation of energy yield increases and load reductions in offshore wind farms through adapted dynamic wind direction tracking") with more than 400,000 euro over a period of three years.


ForWind at the Public Climate School

The "Public Climate School" will take place at various universities from 25 to 29 November 2019. With this slogan, scientists from all over Germany are committed to climate protection. At the University of Hannover, ForWind members Prof. Andreas Reuter, Prof. Raimund Rolfes and Prof. Torsten Schlurmann will give lectures on the conversion of the energy system in Germany, wind energy research for climate protection and the effects of rising sea levels.


How do offshore wind farms change the wind?

November 1, 2019, started the research project X-Wakes “Interaction Between the Wakes of Large Offshore Wind Farms and Wind Farm Clusters With the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer”, which is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to the tune of € 3.4 million over a period of three years. In the scope of X-Wakes, ForWind researchers and their colleagues will be investigating how the wind conditions in the German Bight could change if offshore wind farms are expanded on a large scale.