Center for Wind Energy Research of the Universities of Oldenburg, Hannover and Bremen



How do offshore wind farms change the wind?

November 1, 2019, started the research project X-Wakes “Interaction Between the Wakes of Large Offshore Wind Farms and Wind Farm Clusters With the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer”, which is being funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to the tune of € 3.4 million over a period of three years. In the scope of X-Wakes, ForWind researchers and their colleagues will be investigating how the wind conditions in the German Bight could change if offshore wind farms are expanded on a large scale.


Challenges to Wind Energy Potential

What innovations are needed to make wind one of the world's primary sources of low-cost electricity generation? An international team of scientists has identified three grand challenges for wind energy research. Prof. Dr. Joachim Peinke and Dr. Stephan Barth from ForWind are part of the team of authors who have now published their results in the scientific journal Science.


ForWind at the HUSUM Wind

Together with ForWind organizes the workshop "Qualified for Wind Energy - Requirements and Offers". The workshop will be offered at the Windcareer, the leading job fair for the wind industry, on Friday, 13 September 2019, at the HUSUM Wind. Companies such as ENERCON, Deutsche Windtechnik and GPJoule will provide insights into their working environment and study and education courses in wind energy will be presented.


Continuing Studies Programme: Apply now

Prospective students can apply for the Continuing Studies Programme Wind Energy Technology and Management (“Windstudium”) of the Center for Wind Energy Research (ForWind) at the University of Oldenburg until 4 September. The part-time course provides interdisciplinary knowledge on technology, economics, law and project planning in the wind energy sector at master degree level.