Research project Add2ReliaBlade

Project title: Add2ReliaBlade – Advanced material data and computed tomography, virtual test benches, Big Data and data-based modeling as an add-on for ReliaBlade.



The reliability of the rotor blade structure is of central importance for the entire wind turbine, both technically and economically. However, cracking still occurs, which in some cases is the cause of costly repairs and operational failures ‘ despite the wind energy industry’s many years of experience in the design and operation of rotor blades. This points to knowledge gaps in damage development. Important physical relationships have not been fully understood. This includes, in particular, material modeling taking into account manufacturing-related imperfections as well as comprehensive experimental validation of extended models and structured evaluation of the associated measurement data. In the ‘ReliaBlade’ project, which has been running since 2018, an international consortium is tackling the challenges of closing these knowledge gaps.

Content and Methodology:

The following three additions are intended to contribute to an increase in rotor blade reliability within the scope of this project: – A highly accurate observation of the fatigue damage development during load tests at material and structural level in order to comprehensively validate new or extended models and, as a long-term goal, to enable the prediction of the probable damage progression and a statement on the remaining service life. – The (numerical) description of fatigue damage development in the form of virtual test rigs for subcomponents and rotor blades, including for use in model-based SHM systems. – The structured evaluation, processing and visualization of test results at the material and structural level as well as the development of methods for data-based material and structural modeling in order to be able to make reliable damage predictions in the field with measured data in the future.


  • Project type: Joint project
  • Term: 2021 – 2024
  • Financing: Funding by BMWK
  • Research partners: Fraunhofer IWES, TPI Composites GmbH, TECOSIM GmbH, Wölfel Engineering GmbH


University of Hanover
Institute for Statics and Dynamics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Raimund Rolfes
Appelstr. 9a
D-30167 Hanover

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