Research Project Wind Farm RADAR

Project Title: Wind Farm RADAR – Validation and Demonstration of Dual-Doppler Radar Wind Field Measurements for Wind Energy Applications.



The overall goal of the Wind Farm RADAR project is to characterize and qualify a dual-Doppler wind radar for applications in wind energy use and research. To this end, four potential use cases in the wind energy industry are investigated and the suitability of using dual-Doppler radar is evaluated. These use cases are, first, verification of wind turbine load modeling and design verification, second, simultaneous power curve measurement of wind turbines within a wind farm, third, measurement of the wind field as input to wind farm control schemes, and fourth, measurement of the incoming wind field of a wind farm from ships.

Content and Methodology:

To this end, four different measurement campaigns will be carried out as part of this project. In subproject B: ‘Validation of radar wind field measurements with lidar comparison measurements’, ForWind – University of Oldenburg will further develop existing wind field reconstruction methods for remote sensing data and adapt them for use in particular with dual-Doppler radar. Furthermore, extensive measurements with two scanning Doppler wind lidars will be performed in parallel during three of the four planned radar measurement campaigns. This parallel measured reference data set is used to characterize and validate the radar measurement, especially in the four investigated use cases. We also evaluate the suitability of the Doppler Lidar and Doppler Radar remote sensing techniques, which differ in their characteristics, with respect to the various applications.


  • Project type: Joint project
  • Duration: 05/2025
  • Financing: Funding by BMWK
  • Research partner: Fraunhofer IWES

University of Oldenburg
Institute of Physics – ForWind
Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn
Küpkersweg 70
D-26129 Oldenburg

Tel: +49 (0)441 / 798-5061
Fax: +49 (0)441 / 798-5099

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