Stephan Barth elected to management positions at ETIPWind and EERA JP Wind

by Apr 3, 2024News

ForWind Managing Director Dr. Stephan Barth has been elected as the new coordinator of EERA JP Wind. EERA JP Wind is an association of large European public research institutions in which extensive research and innovation programs are developed and promoted. Stephan Barth was unanimously elected by the JP Wind Steering Committee and will pursue the ambitious goal of transforming the EERA JP Wind into a European center of excellence for wind energy research. The first short-term task will be to realign the work of EERA JP Wind with the challenges identified by the NeWindEERA results. This will be done in close cooperation with ETIPWind.

At the annual meeting of ETIPWind, Stephan Barth was elected Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee together with Hanne Wigum (Leader Offshore Wind Concepts at Equinor). They will support the ETIPWind Chair in leading the work of the platform and disseminating the R&I priorities of the wind industry in Europe. ETIPWind is the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Wind Energy. It was launched in 2016 as part of the European Commission’s Strategic Energy and Technology Plan.

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